A Sheffield man raped his 14-year-old sister and 13-year-old cousin, Sheffield Crown Court heard yesterday

During a family holiday two teenage victims, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, realised they had both been raped by the same relative, Sheffield Crown Court heard Tuesday.

The defendant, who must also remain anonymous, denies 2 counts of rape and 3 counts of penetrative sexual assault with a child.

After one victim, who shares the same father as her alleged rapist, celebrated her 14th birthday – she began receiving messages from the defendant, the jury was told.

Prosecution Barrister, Gordon Stables, said the defendant asked the victim to visit his flat but asked that she tell her mother she was staying at a friend’s.

He had a friend of his ring her mum, pretending to be the friend’s mother and that night he gave her wine and cannabis. She described herself as being “all over the place”, Mr Stables told the jury.

She went to sleep fully clothed and when she woke she found her half-brother on top of her. He put her arms above her head with one of his hands, pulled his jeans down and penetrated her, the Jury heard.

Mr Stables said she continually told him to “stop” and to “get off” but he told her to “shut up” and had non-consensual sex with her for around a minute.

In a police interview with Detective Constable Ranking, the victim said after the rape that she just “laid there awake”. In the morning she went home and didn’t tell anybody about the incident.

The defendant, represented by Defence Barrister Connor Quinn, said his relationship with the victim was “like brother and sister” and that the only contact they shared was hugging.

In August 2014, the family went on holiday to a campsite in Skegness. The defendant brought his own tent as there wasn’t enough room in the Caravans, the Jury  was told.

The defendant’s cousin went into the tent after her snoring relatives prevented her from getting any sleep. They slept at opposite sides of the tent.

Mr. Stables said the defendant put his arm around her, put his hands under her top and onto her stomach. He touched her thighs and bottom and leaned in for a kiss but she turned away and told him to stop.

On the last night of the holiday the defendant had been drinking: he removed his cousin’s shorts and pulled his jeans down to his knees. “What happened next I didn’t want to happen” Mr Stables quoted.

He put a condom on and penetrated her. Nothing was said by either of them but she tried to push him off. When he finished he tried to kiss her but she pushed him away,  the Jury heard.

Mr Stables said the defendant accuses his cousin of lying about the rape, and that she actually never slept in the tent as she had been out all night.

South Yorkshire Police was contacted on December 5th 2014 after the first victim found messages on her little sister’s phone from the defendant, asking her to meet him at Meadowhall shopping centre, the Jury heard.

The trial continues.

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