Amey accused of aggressive tactics against campaigners

Claims of bouncers using excessive physical force to restrain peaceful protestors emerged today after they attempted to enter safety zones around tree works.

Amey security staff were said to not have been wearing Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenses and refused to show them when asked, some even kept their faces covered.

Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) supporter, Paul Grimshaw, claimed he saw a campaigner get physically pulled down from the fence they were climbing in order to get to the tree works, despite members of the public warning staff their actions constituted as an assault.

Mr Grimshaw said: “Two men repeatedly engaged in physical manhandling of the campaigner even after he/she had fallen to the floor.”

“What I witnessed today was the purest form of reprehensible bullying by people who seem to think that because they are working for the Council they are above both the law and basic decent standards of human behaviour.” He added.

Police officers called to the scene of the incident on Lismore Road, Meersbrook, declined to intervene.

A statement from Amey’s Press Office said: “Continued disruption has left us with no option but to ask a professional stewarding company to help us keep people safe and within the law. This follows numerous attempts to explain to protestors that contravening Sheffield City Council’s injunction is an offence.”

Amey added: “This is a reluctant step, but one we feel we have no choice taking and for which we have the Council’s support.”

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