Charity pledges to return to Sheffield and plant 50k trees if felling is halted

An environmental charity that worked in Sheffield for 10 years but left due to ethical concerns has pledged to return once again if the tree felling is halted.

Chief executive of Trees for Cities, David Elliott, took to Twitter to claim that they will plant 10 thousand saplings this winter and 50 thousands saplings in five years – but only if the council stops the controversial tree felling operation.

Trees for Cities are based in London but work throughout the country. They claim to have planted 20,000 trees in Sheffield during their time in the city.

However, they withdrew their support to Sheffield City Council in March 2017 after it became ethically impossible to continue their work.

Mr Elliott, 40, of North London, said: “We couldn’t plant trees in one part of the city while mature, healthy trees were being felled in other parts of the city.

“We’ve taken a strong stance on that to try encourage the council and their contractor to reassess, change their ways, halt the programme and to find a solution that’s sensible and agreed by all parties.”

The new trees wouldn’t replace the felled street trees but would be planted in parks and green areas throughout the city to create new woodland.

Mr Elliott continued: “If they halt that programme we will come and work with them and help them to plant even more trees on top of what they are intending to plant. To offer a positive, alternative path to what’s happening at the moment.”

As of yet Sheffield City Council have yet to respond to Trees for Cities’ offer.

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