Knife crimes plague the young in Sheffield

The increasing number of young people involved with knife crimes has prompted a weapon amnesty campaign across the city by police.

New figures reveal that knife crimes have spiked to 4,290 among teenagers and 15,815 with adults.

This campaign is one of the many the police have launched to tackle crimes involving weapons in Sheffield, such as knife crimes with the national campaign #DropTheKnife in July 2017, urging people to surrender their weapons.

In October, following six stabbing incidents in one weekend, the police decided to extend their #DropTheKnife publicity campaign, and used special stop and search powers in the city center for the busy nights of Friday and Saturday, seizing two bladed weapons and illegal drugs.

Detective Superintendent Una Jennings said: “While we know individuals already involved in criminality will be unlikely to hand in any weapons, there will be people who will have been passed down an antique firearm by a family member, or have items such as samurai swords that may have previously been used for decoration in the home, and they are now no longer wanted”.

Joe Howe, 24, a member of security for a club, said: “The Police are very overstretched in the number of resources they currently have due to even more budget cuts forecasted so I don’t think they see knife crime as, a particularly high priority unless it is after an offence has occurred.”

Knife crimes have plagued Sheffield, with 955 offences recorded in 2016 that involve a knife, and from January to October 2017, 907 incidents were recorded.

According to the Ministry of Justice, knife possession offences have been decreasing from 21,155 in 2009 to 13,614 in 2015, however since then these offences have been on the rise, citing 15,815 in 2017.

The most alarming number is the one of teenagers who possess knives, aged from 10 to 17, in 2009 there were 6,056 nationwide, a number that was decreasing but started spiking from 2014 to today.

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