Sheffield customer finds alive spider in her Tesco prepped chicken salad

A shocked customer vows to never shop at Tesco again after finding a spider in her ready prepared chicken salad.

Georgina Gear, 27, Programme Assistant at the University of Sheffield, was shocked when she found a spider in the salad she bought from the Tesco store on West Street, in Sheffield, on Monday.

Ms Gear yelled in horror at the sight of the crawling eight-legged insect and quickly sealed up the container.

A NEW INGREDIENT: the infamous spider crawling on the chicken salad

Ms Gear said: “It was very dramatic. I will not go back to Tesco, nor will I eat a ready prepared salad ever again.”

She brought the salad back to the Tesco store where she received a refund for the two chicken salads she had bought and a five-pound voucher.

West Street Tesco customer services then froze the salad, including the spider, and said they will be in touch with Ms Gear after the head office investigates the content of the prepared meal.

Ms Gear added: “I will start to make my own salad from now on, I am not buying prepped meals from any shop again.”

Tesco 160G Chicken Salad’s information states the ready prepared meal was produced in the U.K. using chicken from Thailand.

The ingredients list makes no mentions of alive spiders, nor the possibility of finding them in the salad.

DISGUST: Georgina Gear stares shocked at her chicken salad


Earlier this year Tesco had to recall the same chicken salad after a bug that causes food poisoning was found in it.

We have contacted Tesco for a comment.

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