Sheffield Supergirl is Brexit Conference’s Kryptonite

A Supergirl activist caused a stir at a Brexit press-conference last week after donning the costume and being kicked out.

Madeleina Kay, 23, delayed an already late conference by over ten minutes as press swarmed around her rather than paying attention to the announcement.

University of Sheffield student Ms Kay, who is on a leave of absence from her degree to campaign against Brexit full-time, was asked to leave the room to speak to EU officials.

They were allegedly scared that she was planning on pulling a prank similarly to comedian Lee Nelson at the recent Conservative Party conference.

“They got me out of the room by saying that the commissioner wanted to talk to me. I explained that I was totally legitimate to be there and showed them my passes but they still asked me to go and talk.

Supergirl: Madeleina Kay in Brussels.

“So they took me out into a sideroom and I spoke to him and he basically said: “no you’re not going back in” and then security guards came over and escorted me out.

“I genuinely just wanted to sit there, listen to (David) Davis spew his lies about the fact that they’ve not done anything and make a silent but visual statement that we don’t support it.”

The Supergirl costume is the latest in a long line of creative outfits which includes a pirate saboteur and a Brexit Dragon, but with Supergirl Ms Kay wanted to send out a positive message.

“The saboteur costume had a negative message, saying: Brexit is bad and we want to stop it. But I think what we also need to say is: The EU is really good and we want to support it. The obvious thing to me was a superhero that’s going to save us from Brexit.”

Ms Kay’s aim was to create publicity for the remain campaign and she hoped that an image of her in costume may end up in a newspaper. The media attention has gone beyond her “wildest expectations”.

Ms Kay also sings anti-Brexit songs, designs artwork, performs at social events and has crowdfunded four books.

More stunts are being scheduled, however, as Ms Kay and fellow protestors are planing on taking 1,000 handwritten letters to Brussels in December in a cultural exchange and a message of solidarity with the EU.




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