[VIDEO] Labour Party suspend Sheffield MP Jared O’Mara over recent misogyny claims

Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara has been suspended from the Labour Party for allegedly calling one of his constituents an “ugly bitch” as well as using transphobic slurs, earlier this year.

The suspension comes just days after he apologised for offensive messages he posted on online message boards over a decade ago, which emerged on Guido Fawkes website.

An investigation has been launched into the conduct of the newly-elected MP, after repeated calls from fellow Labour MP’s and opponents for O’Mara’s whip to be removed.

Sophie Evans, 25, said that Mr O’Mara used the offensive comment back in March of this year, just a few months after meeting each-other on a dating app.

Sophie Evans accused Jared O’Mara of calling her an “ugly bitch” back in March 2017

During an interview with Blue Line News, she said: “People told us to back down. People told us he was too powerful. I didn’t ever want to ruin a man’s career. This is just about getting our voices out and doing what was right. I feel like it’s justified whilst the investigation is pending.”

Mr O’Mara, founder of West Street Live, denied these reports to Blue Line News, saying: “The allegation made against me is categorically untrue”.

O’Mara founded West Street Live in 2008, where the incident occurred. 

An apology was issued to Labour MP’s this week after misogynistic, racist and homophobic material was discovered on the forum website, Morrissey-solo. MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, Angela Rayner described the apology as ‘heartfelt’.

After already quitting the Women’s and Equalities Committee earlier this week, the MP released a statement saying he was “deeply ashamed” of his comments, before stating that “I made the comments as a young man, at a particularly difficult time in my life, but that is no excuse.”


In the latest bout of fresh claims against Mr O’Mara, its been alleged that top Labour officials were briefed up to a month ago where an email was drafted in Septemeber addressing the accusations against him, according to The Telegraph.  

This comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn allegedly told Mr O’Mara that it would be “a shame” for him to resign from the Women’s and Equalities committee.

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